The TK Paragon remodeling team can do a lot for your kitchen. Whether you want to design and install an entirely new kitchen area or remodel your existing kitchen, we are the right professionals for the job. Our kitchen remodeling work covers everything from initial design, to counters, cabinets, flooring and beyond.

TK Paragon can work with you to:

Build a kitchen from the ground up, or remodel your current kitchen. | Expand, customize, or resurface your kitchen cabinetry. | Update your kitchen counters, or custom-build new features to suit your tastes. | Make more room in older kitchens for larger, more modern appliances.

We'll custom design and build many of the features you're looking for to give you the perfectly unique kitchen you've always wanted.

Design & Build a Kitchen

When we design and build a kitchen, we consider your lifestyle and your space. We create floor and cabinet plans that accommodate your needs, whether those include a built-in spice rack for the gourmet chef, or a kid-level microwave oven for busy families.

When you need this room repurposed or built from the ground up, depend on us to manage every aspect of the project. We carefully consider the way you live your life and the space available. Just as importantly, we'll consider how your needs may evolve in the future.

Kitchen Cabinetry & Kitchen Counters

Do you need new kitchen cabinets or kitchen counters to replace those that are inefficient or dated? TK Paragon's custom creations are sure to fit your personal needs.

We offer a full range of colors, woods, finishes, hardware and features that will complement your style, and we can always build custom units to meet your exact specifications. If you're not sure what you'd like, our experienced team can guide you through the process.

DK Paragon Expertise

When remodeling any part of the home, we provide the right ingredients: quality materials, exceptionally accurate designs and installations, and skilled craftsmen who bring all the elements together at a price you can afford. TK Paragon has the experience to create the look, style, functionality and feel that will make this important room a pleasure to use.

We provide fair estimates to let you know the price and scope of work ahead of time, and we'll complete your kitchen remodeling project on time and on budget. Consistent quality, superior craftsmanship, and unbeatable prices are our company standard. We settle for nothing less than the best in the business.

We have more than 30 years of remodeling experience, and it shows in our work. View our gallery or give us a call at 757-289-8969 for a free estimate, or just to learn more.

Trust this investment to the experts - TK Paragon.